Relationships & Sex Education (RSE)

From September 2020 the government has made Relationships Education and Health Education statutory for all primary school children. RSE will be firmly embedded in the PSHE and RE framework as it is concerned with nurturing human wholeness and integral to the physical, spiritual, emotional, moral, social and intellectual development of children.

Our Mission Statement commits us to the education of the whole child (spiritual, physical, intellectual, moral, social, cultural, emotional) and we believe that RSE is an integral part of this education.

We will be implementing Ten Ten’s  programme for Catholic primary schools, Life to the Full, to teach Relationships Education and Health Education. This scheme has been recommended by the Bishop of Shrewsbury and ensures that RSE is taught within the context of a Christian understanding of human sexuality rooted in the wisdom and teaching of the Catholic Church.

The framework of the programme covers themes which are taken from the Catholic RSE Programme by the Catholic Education Service, which has been highlighted by the Department of Education as a work of good practice.

Life to the Full is a fully resourced scheme of work in Relationships and Health Education for Catholic primary schools which embraces and fulfils the new statutory curriculum. Taught with a spiral approach to learning, the pupils revisit the same topics at an age-appropriate stage through their school life. The entire teaching is underpinned with a religious understanding that our deepest identity is as a child of God – created, chosen and loved by God. The programme is fully inclusive of all pupils and their families.

Parents have the right to withdraw children from Religious Education, Collective Worship and RSE.

However, it is anticipated by the Governing Body that those specifically choosing Catholic education will wish to lend their support to maintaining both the full spiritual life of the school, and those aims set out in its Mission Statement.

Parents Consultation Letter

RSE Letter to Parents Dec 2020

Letter to Parents June 2021

Results of Parent Questionnaire July 2021
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
I understand what my child will be taught and when. 37.9% 55.2% 3.4% 0 3.4%
I am comfortable with the Catholic ethos of the programme.  44.8% 37.9% 10.7% 7.1% 0
I trust my schools judgement in delivering this programme.  58.6% 31% 10.7% 0 0
I feel that my child will need additional support in understanding some of this content.  20.7% 7.1% 31% 24.1% 20.7%
I understand and accept that my role is as the ‘first educator’ of my child on matters related to teaching human sexuality.  62.1% 37.9% 0 0 0
I would value further support from school about how to talk to my child about sensitive issues. 21.4% 17.2% 31% 27.6% 3.6%
I approve of my child learning the names of external genitalia in KS1.  55.2% 31%  7.1% 0 3.6%
I think year 4 is a good time to start learning about physical changes during puberty.  37.9% 44.8% 10.7% 0 3.6%
I would like further details regarding the optional content around these ‘Key Decisions’ 27.6% 24.1% 7.1% 37.9% 3.6%