At Cheadle Catholic Infant School we offer a broad, balanced and creative curriculum.

Our aim is to provide secure foundations for future learning, We want to ensure that our children acquire skills, knowledge and understanding through a love of learning. We want to nurture a belief that nothing is impossible and that all barriers to learning can be overcome. Our ambition for all our children is for them to be happy, respectful, loving, caring, confident and resilient learners who will grow up to be inspirational adults who will 'shine' in all that they do.

Our Curriculum aims to develop our pupils by encouraging them to:

LOVE: A curriculum that provides opportunities for children to develop love for each other, themselves, God's world and a love of learning. A curriculum that ensures that every child feels loved, valued and cared for. 

RESPECT: A curriculum where children are encouraged to develop mutual respect and tolerance for each other.

SHINE: A curriculum that provides secure foundation for future learning.  A curriculum that ensures that all children have the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding needed to 'shine' in all aspects of their lives.