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Catholic Life

School Vision. 


We will provide opportunities for children to live, love and learn with Jesus by their side.


School Ethos

Cheadle Catholic Infant School is a loving, caring Catholic Community working together in serving God, where each child is given the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Our Mission Statement

I will try to live as Jesus wants me to live, He has shown me the way.


Our mission is to provide an excellent education for all children in our school. We aim to create a happy learning environment, inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus and to provide a broad and balanced curriculum in partnership with parents and the parish communities.


Our Core Values

Determination~ Positivity~Aspiration~Reflection~Challenge


Our aims are:

  • To encourage every child to to develop their full potential- spiritually, academically, socially & physically.
  • To encourage each child to have an awareness of the needs of others and a sense of their own worth.
  • To foster the Catholic faith of the school community through prayer, worship and liturgy and to encourage and develop links with the family and the Parish.
  • Determination: Support children when learning becomes challenging so that they persevere, accept mistakes as a learning tool and persist until they succeed.
  • Positivity: Make learning fun so that children want to learn and see value in education
  • Aspiration: Provide experiences which show children the wide range of possibilities available to their future. Nothing is impossible!
  • Reflection: Encourage children to reflect on and evaluate their learning.
  • Challenge: Create a challenging curriculum that will open minds to accept and respect beliefs, social class, gender, ethnicity, ability and age.

At Cheadle Catholic Infant School we shape our curriculum to ensure it is fully inclusive of every child and that it addresses every aspect of how a child develops, progresses and grows both academically spiritually, morally, socially and emotionally.


The Aims of Collective Worship

      We believe that Collective Worship in our school should provide all pupils and staff with the opportunity to:

  • enrich their religious experience
  • grow in liturgical understanding and development
  • experience a sense of belonging and develop community spirit.
  • participate fully
  • reflect on spiritual and moral issues
  • respond to and celebrate life
  • contemplate something of the mystery of God.

Collective Worship in Year 1.

Year 2 and Year 3 Collective Worship

CAFOD 2018

Cafod October 2019

Mission Together October 2019

At Cheadle Catholic Infant School we fully embrace the concept of children helping children. Through our prayers and giving we can make a small difference to the lives of children around the world. 

Prayer Friends


Today our Reception children joined their Prayer Friends in Year 2 to create their own prayers.


Dear God, thankyou for this lovely world.

Thankyou for the food we eat and for the animals.

I love this world and I want to look after it.


By  Nora (2Y) & Evie (R1) 


Dear God 

I will try to say my prayers every day and look after everyone.



By Beth (2Y) & Luke ( R1) 

All Saint’s Day celebration in school 1.11.19 led by Father Chris.

Religious Education Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Prayer at Cheadle Catholic Infant School

Social, Moral,Spritiual & Cultural Policy

Denominational Inspection Report 2019