The 5 ways to Wellbeing
  1. Connect.
  2. Be active.
  3. Take notice.
  4. Keep learning.
  5. Give.

At Cheadle Catholic Infant School the health and wellbeing of the children at our school is of paramount importance. Every day the children are encouraged  to think and learn about different ways to keep themselves healthy - physically and mentally. 

Throughout the year, we strive to provide the children with a happy place to learn, but also look to ways that we can develop our children into life-long happy and healthy men and women. We use PSHE to help the children build on these life skills and their awareness of mental health, relationships and physical wellbeing. 

To continuously promote health and wellbeing in school we:

  • Encourage the children to take part in daily sports clubs at lunchtime and after school including yoga; 
  • Take part in the Daily Mile - every child runs/walks a mile everyday at some point in the day; 
  • Invite our school dentist in to deliver healthy teeth workshops
  • Teach children about eating healthy food
  • Provide class meditation at some point in the day.

We encourage our children to:

  • Enjoy doing things together and talking to each other.
  • Keep learning.
  • Exercise!
  • Try something new. Try a new hobby, or learn about something just because it interests you.
  • Take notice: Take a break to see how you feel...